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Calculate 2019 income taxes

This page allows you calculate your Income Tax 2019 on 2018 income at rates fixed in the Budget Law for 2019, but without calculating the tax credit for modernisation of the payement process (CIMR).

It takes into account :

  • Ceilings on family tax benefits
  • The new formula for reductions
  • Exemptions

However, some situations are not taken into account, for example :

  • Single-person households having raised one or more children
  • Single-person households with one or more children

Calculate 2019 Real Estate Wealth tax (IFI)

This tool helps you easily calculate the amount owed for Real Estate Wealth Tax (IFI) according to rates, fixed in the Budget Law for 2019, taking into account :

  • Various assets of the taxpayer’s estate (primary residence, other real estate)
  • All of the debts that are applied against assets

The following are automatically calculated :

  • Allowance for primary residence
  • Provisional amount of real estate wealth tax (IFI) owed


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